Learning fire fans

Where to find tutorials?

The best place to find tutorials on fire fans spinning is the tutorial section of this website.

Should I learn Russian or American fan technique?

Although there are these two somewhat different techniques, at the beginner level this question is not very relevant. As a beginner you should focus learning basic weaves, tosses, flowers, isolatons and other basic moves, which are the same for both Russian and American techniques. As you become fluent with the basics, you can decide to incline towards one of the techniques. However, they are not all that different and you should aim at learning all possible moves anyway.

Where should I start if I am at zero level?

First, please understand that tutorials for beginner are not always easy, it is more about learning the very basic and essential moves. To check if you are really beginner, you can try to follow Yana’s basic moves practice (the first video). If you can do that, you can start with any tutorials, for example, with Rem’s season 2 for beginners. If it is still very hard for you, then either try to repeat that video in slow motion (use youtube’s slow down function) or try this or this tutorials (first video) about two-beat weaves. Once you get that two-beat weave, you can start with the first lesson here.