FanCon 2023

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Welcome to FanCon 2023! Here, you’ll find tutorial, workshops, performances and even a podcast recordede special for online fan convention on July 22 - 23. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment these videos. You can also follow FanCon here:

Workshop - Making a solo performance

In this workshop, Rem will discuss how to make a solo flowart performance with fire fans and other props like poi and stuff. We’ll consider which tricks to select for your solo act, how to structure it, how to choose music and create a character:

Tutorial - Margarita’s combo

Learn a special combo with fountains, crossed-weaves, and crossers at intermediate level:

Tutorial - Pendulum combo with Celine

Celine’s special combo with pendulums and tosses at intermediate level:

Podcast - Fan Spinning Around the World

In this special edition of our Fan Podcast, we talk to Celine, Yukko, Grace, and Becca about fan culture and flowart in general in different parts of the world.

Open stage (Part 1)

Workshop - 3D geometry with Grace

In this workshop, Grace will teach you a beginner level geometry combinations with 3D elements:

Tutorial - Partner-fans pattern

Short tutorial from Tanya and Anna on intermediate level partner-fans pattern:

Tutorial - Maria’s combo

Maria will teach her new combo featuring a wide range of moves:

Open stage (Part 2)