Basic fire fan tutorials

This is my series of basic fire fan tutorials for beginners. It’s in English, though some of you might find my language skills rather poor :) So to make it more tolerable I tried to mix it with music and visual demonstration. Please note that though it is for beginners, it does not necessarily means it is very easy. You’ll need to drill some for these moves for a few days - it is normal.

Simple Weaves

This is the first basic tech fire fan tutorial which is focused on the combinations one can make with simple weaves (with the closed grip). Although I call it simple weaves (i.e. their simplest form), they are actually not so simple for complete beginners, so take your time.

Weaves With Open Grip

This tutorial is about one of the most basic moves - the weaves with open grip and combinations based on it. This move can take a few days to learn, so just keep practicing it every day and pay attention to the planes ;)


In this tutorial we are going to learn some basic moves with cross-weaves and not so basic combinations with them.

BTB Weaves

In this fan tutorial we are going to study the BTB weaves and some advanced moves based on them. I’m sorry for the quality of my spinning this time, it was a bit hard to spin BTB stuff balancing on one leg, while filling pain in the other) But don’t worry it’s going to be fine soon.

Negative Planes

In this episode we will take a quick look at so called negative planes and the ways to use it.

Tosses & Juggling

In this tutorial we will learn the basic tosses and way to combine them into juggling patterns.