All-levels fire fan tutorials

Collection of fire fan tutorials from an American fan spinner Robin, who practices and teaches Russian spinning technique.

2 and 3 beat weaves

2 and 3 beat weaves for russian grips + 3 beat w/toss

Crossers and Extended Crossers


This tutorial will cover how to do a 3beat into reverse weave into windmill using a scissor grip transition.

Same Direction Behind the Back Weaves

This video is for continuous behind the back weaves in same direction. I also recommend checking out REMs tutorial on b2b weaves as well

The Meltdown (Cosmo)

This tutorial is exclusively for the Meltdown move on russian grip fans. Unlike its tech fan counterpart, this move is very technical and requires a series of grip switch changes that may be difficult to master. I would rank this an Advanced move, so dont get frustrated if you struggle with it!

Glides and Slides

This tutorial covers the various gripping methods on the Glide and the basic movements of the Slide + Slide with Twist

Reels with turns

This tutorial covers 3 different variations of reels with turns:

  • same time/same direction (hip2shoulder2hip)
  • split time/same direction (hip2shoulder2hip)
  • split time/same direction (shoulder2hip2shoulder w/thumbspin)

third move is done with a thumb spin on right hand.

No beats and various other tosses

This tutorial covers various tosses including tosses with no beats.