Workshops on juggling three fire fans

1. Basic Wall-Plane Tricks with 3 Fans

In this lesson, we will learn basic tricks with 3 fire fans. Unlike previous tutorials, this one is more like a workshop, so grab your fans and let’s learn for basic passing tricks, how to toss and catch properly, and how to juggle basic cascade with fire fans.

2. Basic Wheel-Plane Fan Juggling Tricks

In this lesson, we will continue learning basic juggling with three fire fan and study the basic cascade in the wheel plane. We will begin with several easier fan tricks and tosses that should prepare you to the cascade.

3. Open-Grip Juggling Tricks

In this fire fan tutorial we are going to learn basics of open-grip tosses and catches. Then, I’ll teach you some juggling tricks for two fans. Finally, we will try the outside cascade with three fans. Make sure to check previous two lessons in this workshop series.

4. Columns

This is the long promised fire fan juggling tutorial on “columns” tosses with two fans in one hand and eventually with three fans. We will study how to do the basic trick with just two fans and learn a few advanced variations with three fans, such sync/async columns and columns+weave. Have fun!