Pro fire fan tutorials

Welcome to the new season of fire fan tutorials! No more childish stuff, its advanced level now, yeah!

Sexy Weaves

This tutorial features fire fan queen Mariya Prokazina and explains one of the key element of her style - the weaves with crossed wrists, hereafter referred to as “sexy weaves” :D

Closed Cross-Weaves

In this Christmas fire fan tutorial, with Mariya Prokazina we will explain cross weaves with the closed grip and some fountains based on this move. This weave is very important for Russian fan spinning technique and will be used a lot in the next two tutorials, so make sure to learn it well ;)

Meltdowns (Part 1)

In this fire fan tutorial, Daria explains meltdowns without grip changes. This is part one, in which we discuss opposite direction meltdowns and turns with them.

Meltdowns (Part 2)

In this fire fan tutorial, Daria continues explaining the meltdowns. This time, it’s the same direction meltdowns, plus meltdowns combined with turns and anti-spin flower!

ATH tracers

In this fire fan tutorial, Tatyana Lundyak will tech you her favorite class of fan tricks - ATH (around the head) tracers. You will learn how to combine the around the head tracers with other moves and will even get some homework challenge!

Alternative rotations

In this fire fan tutorial, Margarita helps me to explain what we call alternative rotations i.e. rotations when fans break the standard vertical plane. We’ll learn a trick that allows continuously rotating fans with Russian handle without twisting your wrists and study several typical moves that use this trick.

“Wow” Tricks

In this tutorial Taylor and I show examples of “Wow” tricks with fire fans, including tosses, contacts, rolls, kicks, and balances.