Intermediate fire fan tutorials

3b Fountain

Recently I received a request to make a tutorial about fountains, so here it is! Well, it’s just one of the many fountains possible, this is just one of them.

2b Fountain

Another tutorial about the spin and anti-spin fountain; this time it’s 2b one!


In this tutorial we will study the cross-windmill and several combinations in which you can use it, including fountains and pirouettes.


In this fire fan tutorial we will learn pirouettes (or 360 turns) and will study several examples of how to apply such turns to various tricks. This tutorial will also be useful to those who want to dance with fans and is okay for beginners, at least some parts of it.

One-hand tricks

In this fire fan tutorial we will learn how to spin two fans in one hand and do other one-hand tricks, including some tosses and pirouettes. We will start from easy tricks for beginners and go to some advanced and really difficult tricks


In this fire fan tutorial you will learn how to spin fire fans on your hand, how to synchronize both fans and keep proper timing for spin and anti-spin flowers. For this tutorial you’ll need fire fans with a Russian-grip, lotus fans with big ring are okay.


In this fire fan tutorial we will learn how to do flowers using weaves instead of spinning fans on your hands. We will consider few simple examples of such flowers, suitable for beginners, and also some hybrid flowers, in which you partly spin fans partly do the weave.


In this fire fan tutorial I’ll explain how to do the isolation and give some exercises with isolation-based tricks based. Make sure to practice your isolations a lot because they are often used in combinations with geometry other fan tricks.

Stars, relations and geometry

In this tutorial we will learn about stars (a type of anti-spin flowers), relations and geometrical tricks with fire fans in general. This is the end of season 3 of these fire fan tutorials, I hope you liked it, thanks wor watching :)