Fire fan tutorials with Jessy

Collection of fire fan tutorials from an Australian fan spinner Jessy Spin, who practices and teaches american spinning technique.

Making Your Fire Fan Covers

This is a tutorial on how to make your own fire fan covers. You can sew them with a sewing machine, or use a glue gun or staplers! Follow the steps to jazz up your fire fans and keep clean!

Buying Your First Fire Fans

Beginner Fire Fan Tutorial: Dance Basics

So this is a tutorial on buying your first fire fans, explaining Russian and American styles and tech grips to help you decide what fire fans are best for you.

Tech Fan Basics & Slides

This beginner fire fan tutorial introduces the basic of tech fans, where I cover the letter relations and one of the many transitions - slides. This theory of fire fan spinning is fundamental to our learning.

Geometry and Isolations

In this beginner fire fan tutorial, I introduce the concept of geometry in our spinning as well as isolations. Here, we cover linear wick isolations and snaking, including a behind the back variation.

Spinning Part 1

Hi guys! In this beginner fire fan tutorial, I introduce timing and direction, some basic terminology (inspin, antispin, flowers), as well as some inspin moves. Spinning is one of our many transitions.

Spinning Part 2

This is PART 2 of my beginner fire fan tech tutorial. I introduce some antispin flower patterns. Part 1 went over timing and direction, basic terminology (inspin, antispin, flowers), and some inspin moves. Spinning is one of our many transitions!

Folding, Musicality, and Choreography

This beginner fire fan tutorial is on a simple folding pattern, fire fan choreography, and how to add musicality to your flow. Relatively simple fan spinning moves can be super effective when you add dance, musicality and your own style!