Fire fan tutorials with Doodle

Collection of fire fan tutorials of mainly beginner level from an American fan spinner Doodle, who practices and teaches american spinning technique.

Simple arm tracer tutorial

Simple tutorial on arm tracers with fans.

Three beat weave

A short tutorial on three beat weaves with fans.

2 fans 1 hand tutorial

A short tutorial on a way to open and close your fans.

Chest roll tutorial

Here is a short simple video tutorial on chest rolls.

Reverse Grip Fan tutorial

Here is a tutorial on The reverse grip with fans as well as some fun simple drills to help you with.

Fishtails with fans tutorial

Short tutorial on how to do fishtails with fans.

Fan Stacking

Prepare yourselves folks, This tutorial is jam packed with information. This tutorial is on STACKING! Stacking is one of the most aesthetically pleasing moves with fans and extremely versatile. This tutorial will go over many different ideas we use and help you build a better foundation to the concept to help you explore for yourself!

Linear Extensions (Gliding)

A short and important beginner fire fan tutorial on Linear extensions aka Gliding! Gliding is a huge concept in fans, With this step by step tutorial you will soon be on your way to much easier movement as well have other concepts start to click.

Vertical Neck Tracers

This is one of those tutorials that make me happy. This tutorial is on Vertical Neck tracers, one of the core concepts of body tracing with fan, and an amazing thing to learn as it is easy to translate and use in multiple concepts. This tutorial with show you step by step how to do a vertical neck tracer both going up as well as down, with a few fun drills to practice and get you used to it so you can add it into your everyday flow. Hope this helps you along your way!

4 Petal Anti Spin

This is the next beginner fire fan tutorial in this series, 4 petal anti spin with a box hand path ( in wall plane). with Step by step views as well as digital diagrams to help you piece everything together. This is also the next tutorial in the new phone app “TRACK MY TRICK” so keep an eye out!I will be updating everyone as things come together!

Basic Turning

This beginner fire fan tutorial is on how to turn with your fans while keeping them on the same plane. Seems simple because it is! With a step by step on hand and fan placements to help you really smooth out your flow and build on your existing movements


A Beginner Fire Fan tutorial on Extensions! This tutorial will help you get started on using your wall plane more and being able to keep your fans on a clean plane. This is a very important concept for when you begin adding flowers and other concepts to your wall plane with step by step instructions.

Horizontal Spinning

A short and simple fire fan tutorial on how to spin your fans horizontally( floor plane) This concept has been a huge game changer for me and many as it allows you to dance around more and feel more free in your movements by not feeling the need to constantly have them on a wall/wheel plane.

Horizontal 2 beat weave (corkscrew)

Beginner Fire fan tutorial on a move/concept called the horizontal 2 beat weave, or “corkscrew”. This corkscrew tutorial covers techniques that work for both fan spinning as well as poi spinning, but you should primarily think of it as a fan spinning tutorial. Be on the lookout for more fire fans videos coming in the near future!


A beginner tutorial on how to do fire fan isolations. This concept is great for advanced as well as beginner fan spinners. With step by step instructions and multiple camera views, hopefully this video can help you out!