Fire fan tutorials with Corey

Legendary tutorials with Corey White! In these lessons Corey teaches the basics of American spinning style.

Grip Transitions

This tutorial will discuss the basic ways to grip a fan and how to transition from grip to grip. It also goes over possible moves to do from some of the basic static grip positions. This was made as a project for Goddard College by Corey White who is in the IBA 2 program.

Planes and range of motion

Moving Through Planes: exploring your range of motion. You may have to watch a few times because of the text and the visual.

Linear Wick Isolations. Part 1

LWI-Theory and Movement Variations. Content: basic movement principle, basic lwi, carying the fans from position to position, basic with unit point isolation, basic with individual center axis rotations, basic with a rotational spin, basic with body spin variations, basic with fold and folding variations, behind the head variations.

Linear Wick Isolations. Part 2

LWI- Theory and Movement Variationsi. Content: 3D liw, horizontal fan lwi, over the head, u-stacking lwi, wonky variations including: fans facing inside, fans in an s curve, hands facing oppisite direction, rotational point isolation with a lwi, mixed plane lwi and u-stacking.

I quartered my practice sesh

A practice sesh full of more 90 degree/mixed plane stuff. There is also some me weirdness…so um…yeah…thats kind of funny I guess. I recorded it a while ago but it took me this long to decide if I should post it. Part One- Very boring. Moving through basic mixed plane positions at 90 degrees. Part Two-Playing around and dancing with the mixed planes at 90 degree angles and more.