Traveling with fans

How to take fire, LED, or practice fans on a plane?

If you attempt to bring your practice (let alone LED or fire) fans to the cabin as hand luggage, there is a 50% chance that you'll be rejected at the security check, because the object looks too bulky or there's a smell of fuel, or it has a battery and wires. In this case, you'll have to return to the check-in and try to check it as a luggage if it is still not too late for check-in. If it is too late or you don't have more luggage allowance, you'll have to part with your fans or pay extra.

So, although it is possible in some cases to carry your fans as hand luggage, it is safer to pack your fans well and check them as non-standard luggage at the check-in. Insist that it is sport equipment and then you might not have to pay for additional luggage in some air companies. However, it is best to have a large hard suitcase that can accommodate your fans so that you can check it in as regular luggage and be sure that fans will survive the trip.

Are there any collapsible fans made for travels?

There are some foldable practice fans that make travels easier, for example, ones offered by Svetobobr. However, any kind of collapsible fans almost always worse than one-piece fans, so they cannot be a complete replacement of your everyday practice (let alone fire) fans.