Fan communities and social networks

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Groups on Facebook

There are two main Facebook groups with open posting, Russian Grip Spinners and Techy Fan Spinners. While the former is somewhat restricted to posts about Russian-grip fans, the later is for any kind of fans and generally is more active. The page of FanCon can be found here.

Groups on Vk

The main Russian group is Homeoffans group on, where we mainly post news, new videos, and updates from this website. However, you can propose your own posts. The group of FanCon can be found here.

Telegram channels

There is the main telegram channel of Homeoffans with all the news and new videos. Moreover, there is also telegram chat, mainly in the Russian language, where we have challenges, discussions, and so on.

Contact admin

If you abolutely must contact admin of this website (Rem) and you could not find help on the community resorses listed above, you can contact me on Vk, or Facebook, or Instagram.

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