Choosing and buying fire fans

What do I need to know before buying fire fans?

To get the basic knowledge about purchasing fire fans, you may start with this article. Also, please remember that cool designs don’t always make good fans, and it more often than not just the opposite. For a beginner, it is better to look for practice fans with a simple design.

Which fans should I buy?

To find the best fans for you, watch videos and find the artist you like. Then simply buy the same fans. The fans are often mentioned in the video description, or you can try to contact this person and ask.

What is the right size of the handle for my hands?

As far as Russian-grip fans are concerned, the inner diameter of the ring should equal to the width of your palm plus one or two centimeters (0.4" - 0.8"). In other words, you should be able to insert your hand into the ring, and a small gap should still remain. For most people, it means the diameter of the ring equal to about 8.5 cm (3.15"). It is better to have a bit larger ring than the ring that is too small for your hands.

On Facebook, there is community-maintained lists of somewhat reliable places to buy practice, fire, and LED fans. This is the buyer’s guide for Russian-grip fans.