Old and new HomeOfFans

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Where can I find old Homeoffans website?

You can still access the old website using this link

Why some pages and functions are no longer avalible?

Many sections and functions of the old website where build with community in mind. They were supposed to be maintained by fan community rather than by author of the website alone. Over the years, most social functions were overtaken by social networks and apps, so it does not make sense to maintain functions related to commenting, user accounts, upcoming events etc. The database of moves became very outdated, while today there are tutorials available covering most of those moves. The database of stores selling fans also meant to be continuously updated by the store owners. Half of them ignored this opportunity, and the second half rarely updated their pages.

Can I still use DoubleStaffEmulator or CoverDesigner?

These apps are based on Flash technolgy that not not supported by most modern browsers. However, if you can find old enough browser, you can still access them on old website.

Can I post on new Homeoffans?

No, not directly. Now, there are no user accounts and no possibility to post. However, if you would like to add a tutorial series, or an article, or a video, you can contact me (Rem) on Vk, or Facebook, or Instagram.

How can I contribute?

If you would like to contribute by translating the content (such as these wiki pages and few other pages) into your language (especially if you speak French, Polish, Chineese) you are welcome! Please contact me using the contacts above.

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