Best fan performances 2016 - 2020

Rem - Around My Heart

First prize in solo acts at LnP 2019 for Rem’s performance focusing on two and three fan juggling.

Helena Zuykova - Devil

Cool two and three fan juggling by Helena at LnP fest 2019.

陳逸軒 - Illuminate

Awesome performance from Taiwan featuring lots of cool tosses and great musicality.

Tatiana Lundiak at Ogni Sibiri 2017

Beautifully choreographed and performed act by Tatiana with some cool tosses and flowers!

Becca Becker at FlowMotion 2017

Nice and techy performance with some pretty cool tricks showing best american spinning technique.

Maria Prokazina at KFF 2016

Maria’s fire performance in Kiev Fire Fest 2016 featuring hardcore weaves and some geometry.

Andrey Krestianinov at В Ритме Огня 2016

Pretty cool and techy act by Andrey performed in 2016.