All-levels fire fan tutorials

In this season of fire fan tutorials we will explore various modern (as of 2019) moves with examples suitable for all levels, so don’t hesitate to try it out, there is something for everyone!


Welcome to season 5! In this fire fan tutorial, we are learning “flaps” and how to integrate them into your flow and create you own tricks. For beginners, there will be an upgrade of the basic windmill; for intermediate level, integration of flaps into the antispin fountain; for advanced level, some btb weaves with flaps.

ATH Meltdowns

In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to do ATH meltdown with fire fans, starting from the basics and all the way to advanced moves! For beginners, there is a simple variation of the trick. For intermediate level, I’ll explain a regular full meltdown. For advanced level, there is hardcore split-time opposite direction version!


Fire fan tutorial about pendulums - another family of basic moves. We will start from windmill variation for beginners and continue to some more advanced tricks.


В это уроке мы рассмотрим теоретические принципы кручения вееров, в частности хваты, классификацию, направления, синхронизацию, отношения, спины/антиспины, а также терны/антитерны.


In this fire fans tutorial we will study the “infinity” move and it’s combinations with other basic moves. We’ll combine it with the fountain, with the BTB weaves and meltdowns.


In this lesson we will study the weave-triquetra i.e. three petal flowers using only weave move. We will begin with a basic variation for beginners and continue with more advanced stuff.