Fire fan tutorials with Gray Davidson

Tutorial on various basic and intermediate moves from Gray Davidson.

Two Beat Weave

This is a beginner-level flow arts tutorial on two-beat weaves for fans. This foundational movement will help with learning more complicated weaves as we accelerate in further tutorials.

Three Beat Weave

This is a beginner-level flow arts tutorial on three-beat weaves for fans. This is the foundational movement for a family of three beat weaves we will explore in further tutorials.

Box vs. Diamond Flower Hybrid

This will be the first installment in my ‘big impressive wall-plane patterns’ playlist. Enjoy, and please comment with any criticism or thoughts on these videos. I want to be making the highest quality tutorials possible. I will also soon be taking requests for tutorials, so also comment about what tech you want to learn.


This tutorial introduces toss tech for fans by teaching basic no-beat tosses, making suggestions for how to perform them elegantly and easily, and demonstrates how even these simple movements can be combined into impressive patterns.


A Tutorial on fishtails for fans. Fishtails are typically a system of tech employed by staff spinners due to the uniquely suited geometry of the staff for this movement. I show which aspects of the staff fishtail translate to fans, how to hold the fan for fishtails, and then I show some variations


A basic tutorial on meltdowns with fans.